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Systemic Therapy

Creating space for connections that matter so life can move freely within us.

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My Expertise

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The expat


Individual counseling for expats

As an expat myself, I know how challenging this big change can be. Whether you’ve just decided to move, you’re in the process or you already started your new life, I am here to support you in discovering your inner resources to cope during this amazing (yet, terrifying!) time.

Embodied parenting

Individual therapy for parents & family therapy

My first professional love was working with teens and kids.​ For years, I`ve been fascinated with their inner worlds.

Embodied parenting can be one of your ways of connecting to that state out of which tuning to your child comes fluently.

Moving through adolescence

Individual counseling for teenagers

Managing the ongoing changing Self while being constantly demanded to perform academically and socially is no easy task even for a good manager! And still, teenagers have unlimited resources to approach their reality in a creative way.

Moving through


Individual or group therapy

Divorce is not a sentence, but a process. The way you usher yourself through it can make the difference in your future life. On top of all this, when you are also a parent, one question remains vital: How to deal with breaking a partnership without breaking the parentship?

Movimental is an option when:

  • You are going through a major transition in your life (such as divorce, new family member, loss, or moving to a new country)

  • You find yourself caught in unworkable relational patterns

  • You want to move from coping to thriving in your daily life

  • You want to go beyond spotting behavior in your relationship with your children


For expats

For expats
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Seen through my clients' eyes


Alina masterfully adapts the therapeutic approach to the topic discussed. She does so with kindness, understanding, and firmness. Very grateful to have met her!

Crina, 40 years old

For parents & teenagers

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Allowing a certain time, space and attention to any painful situation will find a way toward release.

For parents

Going through divorce


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