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Expats parents coaching

I`ve always been interested in how to best accommodate kids during transitions (new house, new schools, or even new countries). But when I experienced it with my own child, everything intensified: the opposition, the anger, the fears, the over-planning, and the grief. Each transition requires closure on one side and an opening on the other side. When we guide kids through these two processes, a lot of energy becomes available for adaptation and growth.

Family coaching sessions can be a great choice if you need guidance and support in identifying better coping strategies and a fresh perspective in managing change.

What we aim through the sessions:

  • Identify the main vulnerabilities of your child during or after this transition

  • Explore their perspective regarding the move

  • Develop strategies for you, as a parent, for coping with their intense emotions

  • Develop personalized symbolic activities/rituals/games for your children that can support them settle in this important change.

How the coaching process will go:

1. We will focus on your parent role, without including kids in the sessions. If your child`s assessment (based on what you bring in the discussion) is required, we will discuss about that.

2. Online vs. offline

If you choose online sessions, make sure that the space has intimacy and room for movement. If you are in Utrecht and you prefer a face-to-face session, please specify so in the contact form and I will book the therapy space for you.

*Make sure that children are not in your responsibility during the session.

3. Our first session

Together, we will run an assessment of your current situation and decide the best approach for you (that includes whether I am the best fit for you as a therapist or not).

4. Timeframe

We decide together on a period to explore this subject.

In the meantime, I will constantly guide you to find your own way of developing your parenting strategies during transitions and guide your child through them. We will use embodiment as a means of revealing the current situation, reaching a resolution and anchoring the new “movement”.

5. We close the setting leaving an open space for the experience to resonate within you.

What you will gain:

  • You will become an emotional guide through transitions for your child

  • You will have a deeper understanding of what this period means for your child

  • You can support your child to integrate into a new place and develop a sense of belonging.

€125 • 1h • Online Meeting


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