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Hi! My name is Alina

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I am happy you decided to join my world in continuous motion.

For as long as I can remember, I designed my life through the following 3 core values: authenticity, autonomy and constant evolution.

I strongly believe that a meaningful connection is built on a constant exchange, in which both parties grow and evolve together.


For this to happen, I think it’s essential that my clients know me beyond my expertise, accreditations and classes I took along the years to develop as a professional.


More than 10.000 hours of therapy sessions, that I`ve conducted throughout the last 15 years, were opportunities for me to dare, doubt, validate methods, adjust, and practice presence.

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 Nevertheless, here are a few things that I think you should also know about me:

  • For almost a decade, I have been hopelessly in love with Holland. In 2022, I gathered my courage and decided to move to Utrecht. I packed my whole life – and no doubt, it has been a road full of adventures – and came to this city, ready to start a new chapter. Whether you are doing this all by yourself or with your family by your side, the change is just as big and will come with a whole range of challenging feelings: fear, excitement, loneliness, anger, the feeling of being overwhelmed or even confused. Rest assured, I have experienced them all. And by genuinely relating to all this process I can better use it as a thriving context for other expats, too.

  • I am a mother – I have a young boy who’s changed my life for the good and keeps on doing so EVERY SINGLE DAY. In my 15 years of practice as a therapist in my home country, I have specialized in working specifically with children, teens, and parents. My professional and my personal experiences created a unique approach that integrates the child/teen`s therapy process in their wider systems (family/school) for healthier and sustainable connections

  • For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with dancing and conscious body movement. I have attended numerous classes that enhanced both my personal life and my professional practice. I have never been the type of person who can stand still for too long. Whether it’s dancing, conscious body practices or, on a deeper level, making big moves. I like to listen with all my body to the story behind the words and with kind sharpness to invite people to a deeper delving.

Here is what you should also know about my professional upbringing:

  • I graduated the Faculty of Psychology and educational Sciences in 2008 and earned a Master’s Degree in Experiential Psychotherapy in 2010. Experiential Psychotherapy is a holistic method, based on humanistic approaches, that brings together various art-therapy and logo-therapy techniques with an integrative direction.

  • I use cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and integrates them into a more comprehensive approach, by adding elements of integrative therapy and trauma psychotherapy.

  • I am also an accredited transpersonal therapist, specialized in Holotropic Breathwork methods.

  • I am an EMCC accredited coach, specialized in Moving Questions methods.

  • I am a certificated Educational Trainer (International House) in teaching young and very young learners.

  • I am a personal development programs trainer.

  • I have more than 15 years of practice in methods of movement and body awareness: 5 Rhythms, somatic approaches (Feldenkrais) and psychosomatic, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, nutritious movement, dance therapy and transpersonal therapies.

This is how Movimental was born – by merging my personal experience with my professional background into an original concept, meant to develop and nurture autonomy, empowerment, and increased wellbeing within my clients.

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