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Expat parents support groups

“Moving - through a child`s eyes”

It`s not just moving “with” kids, but moving through each family member`s eyes. Then a variety of experiences begin.

As parents, we might believe that if we are aligned with our decisions and emotionally well-contained, kids will just join us in any transition, feeling secure. Sometimes, creating a positive bubble around our kids might not be enough. At least not for a long time. They have their own inner map of the big changes in their families, having to say “goodbye” to a specific corner of the house and “welcome” to all sorts of worries regarding the future.

Many times, it`s a sort of grief they go through, and like any grief, the process has many faces or behaviors to deal with. Well managed, they can bring creative resources for the future developmental stages, too.

Choosing expat parents support group can be a great choice if you need guidance in identifying better coping strategies and a fresh perspective in managing change in your child`s life.

These groups might be for you if:

  • You want to better understand your child perspective on the transition you are going through

  • You want to help them connect the old and the new life to create continuity

  • You want to meet other parents that might go through similar situations with their kids

  • You want either to prevent or to better manage your child`s difficulties in adapting to the new life

  • You want to develop your own family rituals (connected to your culture) that can ease the transition for your children.

Themes approached:

  • Identifying the vulnerabilities

  • How to listen to your child among your planning

  • The multiple faces of fear

  • Ignoring emotions now, implies more work for you later

  • Building invisible threads with people and places that matter

  • Creating your personal family rituals

€70 • Every Tuesday • Online Meeting


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