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Individual therapy

Divorce is not a sentence, but a process. The way you usher yourself through it can make the difference in your future life. No matter how consensual the divorce was, it can be a life-changing event and you might be immersed in a cocktail of emotions, worries and doubts along the way.

Going through divorce (with or without kids involved) has an impact on the personal, relational and social level, by putting into perspective contradictory beliefs of each system that you are part of. And all these loyalties and betrayals might interfere with your deep and intimate process of grief (because something dies and something new arises).

On top of all this, when you are also a parent, one question remains vital: How to deal with breaking a partnership without breaking the parentship?

What we aim through the sessions:

  • Offer space and time to process the contradictory emotions

  • Going through the grief process in your personal way

  • Reconnecting events, thoughts and emotions in a way that it leaves space for your growth

  • Developing creative strategies to cope with the challenges of the period and accessing less the survival ones.

How the counseling process will go:

  1. If you choose online sessions, make sure that the space offers intimacy and room for movement. If you are in Utrecht and you prefer a face-to-face session, please specify so in the contact form and I will book the therapy space for you.

  2. Our first session Together, we will run an assessment of your current situation and decide the best approach for you.

  3. Timeframe We decide together on a period to focus on your questions and the way they impact your daily life. As we go deeper, new subjects might arise and reveal an ongoing process of discovery.

  4. Exploring the question and the question behind the question We will follow the invisible threads connected to the problem and decide the next steps. We will use embodiment as a means of revealing the current situation, the resolution, and anchoring the new “movement”.

  5. We close the setting, leaving an open space for the experience to resonate within you.

What you will gain after:

  • Regaining ownership of your life

  • Allowing the freedom to move forward and not go back in the loop

  • If you are a parent, you will be able to guide your kids through the process.

50 min • €100 • Online meeting


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