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Thriving after divorce

Going through divorce when kids are part of the system is like trying to accelerate and press the break at the same time.

On the one hand, you work hard on your separation process on many layers: practical, mental, emotional and physical. No separation is easy, and we are never prepared for them.

On the other hand, you work on your collaboration as parents. Searching for common grounds and struggling to stay close to them, despite possible resentment or lack of trust is a different direction.

These two opposite movements require clarity, patience, flexibility and sometimes a community to practice all these qualities and more.

The divorce thriving group for women is firstly a space for kindness and reciprocal respect. And by respect, I mean that each individual is totally in charge of their unique process, is the master of their understandings and knows the best how to be a parent for their kids. Still, the group is there to witness and accompany each one’s transitions.

We go beyond individual stories to deeper beliefs or unprocessed emotions that might interfere with being a mother in this difficult transition.

We approach subjects like:

  • Roles and order in a transitioning family

  • Spoken and unspoken messages transmitted to children

  • Unburdening the children

  • The relationship with the other parent, despite conflicts

  • Your emotional swings and your child`s emotional swings

  • Kids living in multiple houses and the conflicts between them

  • Family extension and new people involved in children`s life

How can you benefit from this group?

  • You have a specific moment available and space for all your questions regarding motherhood and divorce to be formulated and approached

  • You can reach more clarity in how the dynamics in your transitioning family are working or not for your child`s development

  • You can observe your beliefs or emotions around divorce and parenthood from a non-judgmental state and bring release in this process.

  • You can guide your children through their own transitions in the family towards resilience.

€70 • Online meeting • Every Wednesday • 10 participants

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