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Family therapy

My first professional love was working with teens and kids. For years, I`ve been fascinated with their inner worlds. Whether we are talking about neurodiversity (or special needs) or typical development, each of them has a unique assembly of elements, manifesting differently.

Sometimes, kids would be sent to me in therapy due to a specific symptom. That might happen because the child is the first one to manifest a “symptom”. Their high sensitivity to what happens in their most important systems will gradually transform behaviors into something that we “don`t understand”.

Embodied parenting can be one of your ways of connecting to that state out of which tuning to your child comes fluently.

What we aim through the sessions:

  • Represent the challenging situation in the systemic view

  • Understand more than it`s available at the surface (the child’s behavior)

  • Connect what you understand about the specific situation with an embodied anchor, that will serve as support in your future actions

How the counseling process will go:

  1. We will focus on your parent role, without including kids in the sessions. If your child`s assessment (based on what you bring into the discussion) is required, we will address that.

  2. If you choose online sessions, make sure that the space offers intimacy and room for movement. If you are in Utrecht and you prefer a face-to-face session, please specify so in the contact form and I will book the therapy space for you. *Make sure that children are not in your responsibility during the session.

  3. Our first session Together, we will run an assessment of your current situation and decide the best approach for you.

  4. Timeframe We decide together on a period to focus on your questions and the way they impact your daily life. As we go deeper, new subjects might arise and reveal an ongoing process of discovery.

  5. Exploring the question and the question behind the question We will follow the invisible threads connected to the problem and decide the next steps. We will use embodiment as a means of revealing the current situation, the resolution, and anchoring the new “movement”.

  6. We close the setting, leaving an open space for the experience to resonate within you.

What you will gain after:

  • Better centering in your parent role

  • The bird-eye view of various situations in your family

  • Reconnecting with what deeply “moves” your family

50 min • €125 • Online meeting


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